"The contribution I make as "artist" is simply to
capture and bring to life "your vision”.

     A lifelong student of visual arts, my collective studies and work experiences have led me to portraiture. I am a graduate of The American College in London, where I studied design and art history. I understudied at O’More School of Design in Franklin, TN. I taught Design and Art History at Watkins College in Nashville, TN., while also working with professional photographers Slick Lawson and Melanie Gimple. I spent 10 years in the fields of Interior Design and Architecture, (Earl Swensson, Architectural Alliance, and Sorci and Associates) both residential and commercial, which gave me the discipline for detail so essential in portraiture.

      Spending five years in Chicago gave me the opportunity of taking full advantage of the museums and historical masterpieces (as I had before, while living in Europe). On return to Nashville in 1993, I began commissioning portraits.
     My challenge and intent is to portray an accurate likeness of the subject(s) and bring forward the unique character and spirit of the individual(s) being portrayed. The painting must also stand on its own merit with regard to form and composition. In addition and of significant importance is to create a painting that will become an integral part of your home or the space where it will be displayed.
     I believe portraits are family heirlooms of the highest order. My work is crafted to the highest standards of permanence and quality, physically and aesthetically.



As time passes and our children grow, we like to keep special keepsakes of their childhood. We take pictures of every birthday and make videos of every performance. Then, we place them carefully in a photo album or drawer for safe keeping and enjoy them at their wedding.

The heirloom portrait that we had done of our daughter at "sweet sixteen" is something we can enjoy everyday. When friends and family come to visit, they too have opportunity to "ooh" and "aah". This is a treasure that we will always enjoy, and we are so glad that we had it done.

The workmanship is excellent. Even my daughter, who was very nervous about having her portrait hung in the foyer, was proud of it. Mary did an excellent job capturing our daughter - the look in her eyes that we know so welll; even the waves in her hair. My mom was so impressed, she is going to surprise my sister with a portrait done of my niece.

My husband and I were very pleased with the workmanship; the extra care taken to get everything right; and how quickly we received it. Mary even helped me hang it in the foyer so the light was just right. I think anyone who used Mary Flora to create a portrait of a loved one will discover they have made a wonderful investment in a precious, lifelong memory.


Gina and Robert Trent
Nashville, TN


Dear Mary,

I'm astonished at how talented you are with oil, chalk, waterbase, and lead-pencil. It inspires me when I see the paintings you did with your own hands. I really do love the oil paintings (like the young girl standing beside the staircase). My family and I are so happy we chose you to paint my daughter (which is mounted in the Family Room).

I will pass your name along to everyone I know who may wish to capture a loved one, or loved ones, in a way that, years from now, will remind them of just what he or she means to them.


James Maxwell
Nashville, TN